The latest way to do Real Estate!! This simple method is so unique its Patented.

Must be done BEFORE you list home or your Realtor/agent must agree.

** We combine 2 brokers to work on your behalf... in a ethical, transparent and collaborative approach. This gives you better peace of mind with all major decisions and better results that can help you sell faster and put more money in your pocket weather your a seller or buyer  **

You pick your Agents (or we can help you) You get multiple agents working on YOUR behalf.  Looking out for YOUR best interests.  

This is what we call a  "WIN,WIN,WIN" 

Both Realtors/Agents are helping you make the best decisions. For a piece of mind and better results.  Its also Free in virtually every deal.  

We use a large portion of our referral money (paid by main agent) to bring on board a Trusted2ndAgent. The Trusted2ndAgent. only gives opinions...

*We will Find you a main Realtor and the Trusted2ndAgent. 

*Not sure about working with Family members? We can help !

*Conflict resolution.... not agreeing with your main Agent?

*If you and your Realtor, spouse, partner or client  don't agree...  we can be hired on to help compromise/negotiate a solution (simple mediation).

*Our Trusted2ndAgents can also recommend attorneys, title company's, mortgage lenders and trades/builders.

*Not happy with current Realtor? We can assist you in finding another.

*We will take on select clients and properties and represent as their agent in certain situations..  This is done at the normal commissions rates of 5-6%. (larger amounts/ commercial can very) 

Have ANOTHER Realtor on your side 


So unique it's a Patented Methodology

If you were accused of a crime wouldn't you want a second Attorneys opinion thru out the court case ( for free )?

If you needed major medical care wouldn't you want a second Doctors opinion thru out the process and surgery ( for free )?

When it comes to your Real Estate decisions, wouldn't you want a second opinion by a professional agent who also has your best interests in mind? Thru out the whole process.. ( for free) ?