Benefits of working with Trusted2ndAgent


This is a win, win, win for all involved... agents work together on behalf of the client.

The Trusted2ndAgent may not take over listing unless they procured it.

1. Get deals you would have lost.

2. Have a professional back up your advice if its sound (price drops, negotiation)

3. Give your client better advice and strategy to help sell the properties or get the deal done faster and for more money in their pocket.

4. Main agent -- Get business... for a normal referral fee... 25% (better than many and relo)

5. 2nd agent -- get a piece of the deal and make 10 to 15% of commissions on one side.

6. Conflict? Bring us in at 25% and save listing or by hour.

7. Listing expiring or losing listing? Bring in a Trusted2ndAgent... seller will be happy and you get opportunity to sell home.

Investors / Media

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Main agents/ REALTORS® and 2nd agents/REALTORS®

please use the box to the left.​

You must put in:

1. Name

2. Office/license #

3. Contact #

4. Years of experience

5. What role (main, 2nd or both)   

All Parties involved must sign an agreement.

This agreement explains how everything is transparent and how both Agents (main and 2nd) agree to work for the best interest for the seller.

The Main agent/ Realtor performs all usual and customary services in the State. All laws must be followed and the agents must work in a collaborative way. 

Even if they disagree on any issues. The Client can fire either the 1st or 2nd agent per the contract. 

If the main agents contract expires or the they get fired for poor performance the Trusted2ndAgent agent can help find a new on. 

If the 2nd agent gets fired or time expires then the host company

(Trusted2ndAgent will find another.)

Both agents must give their best and most honest advice on all aspects of the deal.Neither agent can purposely bad mouth the other agent. The Trusted2ndAgent can not take over a listing unless they procured the deal.

So unique it's a Patented Methodology